Welcome :)

Semi-private site with proprietary scripts and tools for the 1moreblock network.

A couple of the public scripts are shared, please check their terms of use.
But the private scripts are limited to 1MB server staff, available on the intranet.


Some (bash) .sh scripts are made available on this site to the public. This means you're free to view, download, modify, and use these 1MB copyrighted shell scripts. Please note they come with terms of use, and are not open source, but visible source.
These are shared to help others build, compile, and run Spigot for Minecraft.


Most (bash) .sh, (python) .py, (java) .jar scripts/resources are not public, these are made soley for the 1MB Network and will not be shared. Additionally a looking-glass status page and emergency TXT message page is available.
Access to the Intranet is handled on a per person basis, and requires a /1MB token.